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Our Process

We want to grow our practice with like-minded clients. We believe that personality and chemistry is an important part of building strong, long term relationships with our clients. To that end, we spend a tremendous amount of time on the initial phase of a relationship to determine if we are an appropriate fit.

Step 1-Discovery     

In our discovery process, we gather information regarding your current financial position and investment goals to determine whether you have accumulation needs or distribution needs, and assessed any unique challenges you face. This helps us understand your values, priorities, who you are as an investor and who are you investing for. What are you ideal goals and what are your acceptable goals? We use this knowledge to determine the risk/return profile that best reflects your risk tolerance.  Your risk/return profile set the framework for our recommendations.

Step 2-Investment Policy Statement

The presence of a well-defined and clearly articulated IPS helps to communicate to all parties the procedures, expectations, investment philosophy, fees/expenses, guidelines and constraints to be adhered to. 

Step 3-Set Strategy

We will work with you to build an investment strategy that allows the different pieces of your financial life to work together, taking into consideration not only your various goals, but also the levels of risk you’re prepared to take to reach them.

Step 4-Implementation

We draw from a vast array of investment products to help you customize integrated solutions consistent with our strategic asset allocation and investment policy statement


Step 5-Review and Rebalance

On an ongoing and regular basis we will meet  with you to  review our progress. We will measure results against your objectives  as well as our agreed upon benchmark and make adjustments as necessary.

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