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Lending Products and Services

Whether you are looking to manage your liabilities and debt over the long-term, or need a quick solution to meet an immediate liquidity need, we can help you access and leverage a range of credit and borrowing solutions to meet your business and lifestyle needs. Credit products include:

Securities-Based Lending-LoanAdvance-Leverage the Value of Your Brokerage Account Through Securities-Based Lending. LoanAdvance provides you access to a line-of-credit that can make life enhancements or a business expansion you thought were out of reach become a reality, or you can simply keep it on reserve when the need arises.

  • The approval process is simple so you can quickly take advantage of the benefits of this flexible line-of-credit.

  • Use for either business or personal needs

  • Receive quick approval with no fees, points or closing costs

  • Benefit from the flexibility of no preset monthly payments and no prepayment penalties

  • Competitive rates

  • Access to funds through checkbook or wire


LoanAdvance Securities Lending Fact Sheet

Fully Paid Securities Lending- Generate incremental income by lending stock  that you may already own. The Fully Paid Securities Lending program permits clients holding fully paid-for securities to loan those securities to Pershing. Pershing then has the option to utilize those securities to satisfy both internal and external borrowing needs. A portion of the spread earned on the loaned securities becomes income for both you and your participating client

  • Receive monthly income payments. Pershing will automatically deposit monthly income payments into your client’s brokerage account and your portion will be directed to your firm.

  • Clients maintain complete control of loaned shares

  • Clients receive substitute payments for dividends on loaned shares.

  • Interest income remains tax deferred in Individual Retirement Accounts.

  • Margin Accounts

  • Mortgage lending through a variety of lending partners  


Fully Paid Securities Lending

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