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Investment Products and Services: We are product agnostic and deliver unbiased, adept and trustworthy financial advice without the myriad of  conflicts that are so common throughout the financial services industry. Our open architecture platform provides access to a large amount of investment managers; active or passive, liquid or alternative. We have no “hidden agenda” or drive to sell any particular financial product and operate in a completely open architecture platform using the same resources available to institutional clients.

  • Equity Strategies: Fundamental analysis on thousands of companies, globally, providing industry-specific, in-depth equity research and analysis.

  • Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs): As a Sunwealth client, you can tap into the experience of a wide array of vehicles managed by experienced asset managers providing a wide range of investment solutions.

  • Fixed Income: Includes convertibles, high-yield, preferred securities, zero coupon bonds, agencies, certificates of deposit among others.

  • Alternative Investments: Qualified investors are able to take advantage of nontraditional vehicles, not locked into a particular style or sector and often non-correlated with other market areas.

  • Global Portfolios: Professionally managed multi-currency investment offerings, designed for clients seeking sophisticated and performance-focused portfolio management.

  • Investment Advisory Services and Managed Account Programs: Your Financial Advisor can help you to choose from a range of rigorously screened investment managers whose investment philosophies and investing styles are consistent with your goals and tolerance for risk.

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