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Financial Planning

Our advice and guidance is a dynamic and individualized approach to helping clients address their financial needs. A carefully constructed and well-executed financial plan is as essential to preserving and growing wealth, as is an intelligent approach to investing it. We provide a holistic personalized experience combining rational, intelligent advice and sophisticated investment strategies. One that combines knowledge, experience and acumen with a deep understanding not just of a client’s goals, risk tolerance, liquidity needs and objectives, but of their lives, family, interests and passions. It’s an approach based on “know-how” and “know-you”, and truly reflects our philosophy of working closely with clients to help them live the lives they want and plan for the future.

We are detailed and process oriented. Creating an appropriate and effective plan is typically achieved through a systematic four step process.

  • Assess your situation: We spend a tremendous amount of time on the front end of our relationship to fully understand your situation. It's important that we learn about all your relevant personal and financial matters. Family, health, longevity, current assets, 401k and IRA assets, income, liquidity needs, long-term goals, risk tolerance, business ownership structure, stock option or corporate benefits package, real estate assets and debt, structure or restrictions of your trust, likes, dis-likes, etc – all the aspects that in total make up your overall personal wealth picture.       

  • Set Strategy: Once your objectives, risk tolerance and investing time horizon are defined, your Financial Advisor will develop an asset allocation strategy to set you on track to help you pursue your goals.      

  • Implement Solutions: In this step, your Financial Advisor will propose investments and solutions that are consistent with your strategic asset allocation.   

  • Review Progress: Your Financial Advisor will meet with you periodically to review your objectives, strategies and performance, assessing your progress towards pursuing your financial goals and making adjustments as necessary.

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