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What we do

Sunwealth Management is an independent financial services company dedicated to deliver holistic, unbiased, and trustworthy financial advice without the myriad of conflicts that are so common throughout the financial services industry.


Put simply, we meet with clients and counsel them on their finances. The bulk of our practice is helping clients invest their money in the most effective and cost efficient way with the appropriate level of risk.


We play a critical role in helping clients through every phase of their life cycle; Accumulation, Preservation, Distribution,  and Transfer/Legacy


In today’s world, achieving life balance is a constant challenge to juggle family, work and community commitments along with a hundred other areas that demand our attention. Like anything in life, priorities will shift and certain sacrifices will be made. We ensure that  all our clients have their financial house in order and keep it that way so that they have the gift of time and peace of mind that they are on track to live their ideal life. Our goal is to make your life easier by providing the simplest solutions to answer complex questions.


This could mean sitting down and creating budgets to firming up retirement plans to giving advice about investing.


Many times, we help plan a safe, comfortable future for our clients, but we are also called upon when the unexpected occurs –perhaps an aging parent suddenly requires a live-in nurse, a couple plans on divorcing or a child needs to transfer to an expensive private school.


What makes us different


We pledge to provide the finest personal service for our clients. We solve problems and find answers to your questions quickly and correctly.




We offer clients the most powerful financial software in the industry.  Through eMoney Advisor, clients have the ability to link all their assets and liabilities to one place with a single sign on for a comprehensive and holistic view. With an intuitive interface, powerful integrations and multiple financial planning options this tool will not disappoint on any level.

eMoney Advisor


Reporting and Research


Robust and customizable performance reporting provided through Morningstar Office. It features robust portfolio management, performance reporting, and advanced research capabilities.


We understand that you have many options when it comes to investing. In working with us, we are committed to helping you navigate the evolving investment landscape and achieve your financial goals.

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